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President's Greeting

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  hakkai's Will  

We have a strong will that we contribute to the society through manufacturing technology and human resource at our hometown Uonuma surrounded by beautiful and rich nature of Mt. Hakkai.
"hakkai" provides a job opportunity and an opportunity for people to grow themselves. We believe that's why we can create something that others can't.
In 1980, we started metal mold manufacturing and we made an effort to increase our technical quality and know-how in design processes, precise metal processes, and precise plastic injection processes.
The company that keeps growing and changing for future, that is hakkai.


3 C taken from the first letter of "Challenge", "Communication", and "Creation" is the hakkai's most essential motto.
We all know that our growth can not be achieved without "Creation".
This "Creation" is produced by teamwork, which is generated by continuous "Challenge" and "Communication".
"hakkai" keeps growing with these three motto, 3C.


hakkai's headquarter is "Born in Japan" corporation. We take our headquarter as the center of our global network.
Our "Made in Japan" technology is transferred from Japan to our oversea factories, Thailand and China.
These three factories can make it possible to deliver a product to anywhere as our customer requests.
Cross-cultural experience through manufacturing in Thailand and China helps human resource development.
Globalization is necessary for us not only as manufacturing location, but also as opportunity for human resource development.

  Human Resource  

Business is people. Business never goes well without them.
In a same way, people never find jobs without job opportunity.
We create job opportunity. We create opportunity for people to glow themselves.
That is what we believe the most important responsibility to society.
"Made in hakkai" human resources contribute to society with 3C motto.

  For People, For Society  

Our business is supported by many people, such as our clients, suppliers, local residents, partners, and employees.
"hakkai" always ask ourselves "What can we do for these people?".
Our mission begins with two questions, which are "Do we work for People?" and "Do we work for Society?".
We know that we will never meet 100% satisfaction on these matter.
That's why we keep thinking what we should do for being a company that society requires always needs.

President:Akihiko Seki


Basic philosophy

  • 1. To become a company which customers feel no hesitation.
  • 2. To become a company which never give up challenging.
  • 3. To become a company which accomplishes social responsibility.
  • 4. To become a company which can share joy and happiness with others.
  • 5. To become a global company which contribute to a world.