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Corporate History

Sep. 1957
The company was founded as a plastic compilation manufacturing company in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Sep. 1958
The company began producing parts for audio device.
Oct. 1959
The company began producing parts for communication devices.
Apr. 1963
The company began injection molding and entered field of engineering plastic.
July 1967
The company moved to Yamotomachi, Nigata and renamed its name to Hakkai Plastic Manufacturers.
Mar. 1971
"Hakkai Plastic Manufacturers" became incorporated.
July 1972
The company entered a field of super precision electronic parts.
June 1980
"Hakkai Molding" branch was founded.
Apr. 1983
A new plant was built: Hakkai Resinate and Forming.
Jan. 1984
The company began producing automated machinery using its own production technologies.
Apr. 1984
A new plant was build specialized in molding: Hakkai Molding.
July 1988
The company increased capacity of its management office buildings.
The Company began producing compact precision production.
Aug. 1990
A new plant was build specializing in mold modeling.
Apr. 1992
"Hakki Plastic Manufactures" has amalgamated with "Hakkai Molding" and formed "Hakkai Creates."
July 1995
The capacity increased for both precision manufacturing and mold making plants.
Sep. 1997
The company began applying combined production and cost management system.
Sep. 1999
The second plant was build specializing in precision molding.
Aug. 2001
The third plant was build for precision molding.
Mar. 2002
Tokyo office opened as a new branch.
Mar. 2002
Production section of Hakkai Creates Co., Ltd span into a separate company; Atex Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2003
The company acquired ISO 9001 certificate.
July 2004
Feb. 2007
The company acquired ISO 14001 certificate (except Tokyo office).
June 2008
The company was selected for "Cheerful 300 small and medium-sized enterprises."
Dec. 2011
"Hakkai Creates Co., Ltd" merged with "Atex Co., Ltd" and changed the company name to "hakkai inc."
May 2014
"EL SOL ELECTRONICS DEVICE PHILIPPINES INC." have been became affiliated company of hakkai inc.
July. 2015
Certification of ISO/TS 16949 obtained.
(Quality Management Systems for Automotive Industry)
May 2016
HAKKAI MEXICO S.A. de C.V. was founded.
July. 2018
Certification of IATF 16949 obtained.
(Quality Management Systems for Automotive Industry)