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Environmental Initiatives

�‹��ւ̎��g�� We started working for improvement in environmental conservation, because we have felt huge responsibilities for "the coexistence of environment with company"


ISO 14001 Certification

We obtained certification of ISO 14001 in February 2007. (International Standard of the Environmental Management System)
「Design and Manufacture of Mold.
Manufacture of Precision Plastic Molding Products.」

Environmental policy

hakkai inc. recognize that the harmony of the environment and company is one of the most top-priority issue, and promote the continuous improvement of the environmental conservation with all employee.

  • hakkai inc. clearly see the environmental impacts of our business activities including the main products, the precision plastic molding products and the die mold.
  • We try to reduce the environmental load by the establishment and operation of the environmental management system in order to the improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • We observe relevant laws, regulations and customer demands regarding the environment.
  • We promote the raising of the edification about the environmental knowledge and environmental consciousness against all employees in hakkai inc.

Our Efforts

We have been working towards improvements of effective utilizations of materials and energy.

As part of the effective utilization of molding materials, we make efforts for 3R of the waste plastics : reduce, recycle and reuse.

As emission limitations of waste plastics, we work on the miniaturization of sprues and runners in the design phase.
We focus on reducing the incidence of defective products in the molding process.
We crush the defect products, sprues or runners, and separate its for the recycling as recycled materials at the recycler.
Also, the waste plastics that is difficult to recycle is used as materials of the thermal recovery.
We crash sprues and runners of the products that our customers approved the use of recycled materials and reuse its as the molding materials in order to the efficient use of materials.